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Fire fingers, set of 10

Skill Level: All Weight Grade: Light.

A spectacular fire prop for any burlesque or bellydance performer.

   Our unique design results in light and graceful Fire Fingers that give your hands complete freedom of movement. You can still bend you finger joints which allows your hands and fingers to move comfortably and naturally. The elastic finger loops are snug fitting and will not shift during your performance.

   Our unique twisted Kevlar® rope design creates beautifully formed fire wicks with no screws or exposed metal parts. This makes our Fire Fingers perfect for Fire Eating and body flame trails allowing for greater versatility in your performance.

   There are 3 sizes of elastic finger attachments: SMALL: narrower (pinkie fingers) LARGE: wider for thumbs and MEDIUM: for all your other fingers. A little coloured thread is stitched inside the elastic to help you identify the small ones (blue thread) and the large ones (red thread). When ordering please specifiy which sizes you want. If no preference is stated we will supply the standard small/medium/large set. For narrower fingers we suggest using a combination of small and medium sizes. For wider fingers we suggest using a comination of medium and large.

TECH DETAILS: Total Length: 24cm/240mm (9.5 inches) Stem: 2.2mm steel, 19cm/190m (7.5 inches) long, rust proofed, heat resistant black painted finish Fire Wicks: 3mm twisted Kevlar rope, 5cm/50mm (2inches) long, 18mm wide. Finger Attachments: 5cm/50mm (2 inches) long, elasticated loops. Inside the elastic is a thin, curved aluminium plate. Weight: 12g each Manufacturer: Fyregear

Includes instructions for use, re-wicking, fire safety and fuel information

AU$150.00 / pack(s)
{Weight}: 0.13 kg

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