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Fire Fuel, RecosolG, 20 litres

PICK UP ONLY. Fuel CANNOT be posted.

RecosolG Fire Fuel has been tried and tested as the best fire fuel available in Western Australia.

  • Quick to light with a bright flame
  • Clean (minimal smoke)
  • Odourless (no more kerosene stink, Yay!)
  • Flavourless (great for fire eating)
  • Low Heat (great for close contact)
  • Non Explosive (needs a wick to burn)
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor performance

RecosolG Fire Fuel is used by the majority of professional fire performers in Perth and comes highly recommended over other commonly used fire performance fuels such as kerosene or lamp oil.

RecosolG Fire Fuel lights as fast as kerosene but without all that heat, smoke and odour. RecosolG burns as cleanly as smokeless, odourless lamp oil but lamp oil is very slow to light. RecosolG is a great improvement on either of these fuels. RecosolG also burns at a much lower temperature than the other fuels which makes it very suitable for close contact fire performance styles, such as fire eating and body tracing.

(NOTE: even though RecosolG burns at a much lower temperature, all fire is hot and will burn you if you do not use the correct techniques when working with it.)

RecosolG Fire Fuel comes with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which details the chemical properties, first aid measures, fire fighting measures, handling and storage, exposure controls and other relevant information.

NOTE: this is supplied in a 20 Litre drum. If you want a smaller fuelsafe container you can get a 5L container from us for $4.00

TECH SPECS: RecosolG is also known as Isoparaffin and Hydrotreated Heavy Naphtha

PICK UP ONLY. Fuel CANNOT be posted.

AU$140.00 / litre(s)
{Weight}: 20 kg

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