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Rolled / Tube Core Fire Poi 100mm (4inch)

Level: intermediate Weight grade: medium

These fire poi give you more weight and a bigger flame than our 50mm (2inch) or 65mm (2.5inch) poi but still have the same 3.5 minute burntime. 

For a longer burntime, just ask for your fire poi to be made with extra Kevlar wick or check out our cathedral fire poi and monkey fist fire poi.

TECH DETAILS: Heads: Aluminium tube, timber core, 500mm of rolled 100mm (4") wide x 3.2mm (1/8") thick, flat Kevlar ® wick. Chain: Stainless steel, welded, oval link. Handles: Double loop, nylon. Swivels: Heavy duty, nickel. Joiners: Heavy duty, stainless steel split rings. Length: 76cm (30”). Total Weight: 290g pair.

Includes fire safety and fuel information

AU$80.00 / pair(s)
{Weight}: 0.29 kg

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