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Fire Staff - DOUBLE 65mm (2.5 inch) Wicks

(Length: 1200mm / 47 inches long, Courier Post or Pick Up: Pick Up)

INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES: please email your orders for a postage quote. You can also email us via the 'Question about Product' button below.

AUSTRALIAN DELIVERIES: you can order on the website.

Choose your length when ordering. A guide to choosing your staff length is on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

- 1200mm (47 inch) Weight: 430g. 

- 1400mm (55 inch) Weight: 480g.

- 1500mm (59 inch) OR 1600mm (63 inch) or any other length you prefer.

The DOUBLE FIRE WICKS are spaced 65mm (2.5 inches) apart to create the effect of a 195mm (7.5 inch) flame. Great if you want the effect of a large flame without too much added weight. You can always add bigger wicks later or order it with a fatter wick for a longer burn time.
TECH DETAILS: Skill Level: Intermediate Weight grade: Medium Burn time: about 3.5 minutes Wicks: Two rolled wicks per end, each wick is made with a 500mm (20 inch) length of 65mm (2.5 inch) wide x 3.2mm (1/8 inch) thick, flat Kevlar ® fire wick Shaft: 20mm diamater heavy duty aluminium with partial timber core Handle: 300mm (12 inches) of ribbed, heat-resistant rubber grip.

Includes instructions for use and a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide.


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