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LONG Fire Staff - 300mm (12inch) Wicks

(Staff_Length: 1400mm / 55 inches, CourierPost_or_PickUp: Pick Up)

1400mm/55 inch (715g) OR 

1500mm / 59 inch (740g)

MONSTER 12 INCH FLAMES!! Massive burnoffs, heaps of light, it's a BEAST!

If you love loads of fire, a heavy staff and have confidence in your moves, then this staff will put a massive smile on your face! This is ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR EXPERIENCED AND CONFIDENT FIRE STAFF USERS. When soaked with fuel this staff feels quite heavy (especially when used in moves behind the back) and once lit we recommend you keep this staff moving to keep the flames away from your hands. The size of the flames mean that you need to REALLY know what you are doing in order to avoid injury.

TECH DETAILS: Skill Level: Advanced Weight Grade: Heavy BURNTIME: about 3.5 minutes WICKS: 300mm (12 inch) wide, single rolled wick per end, each wick is made from 3 adjoining sections of 500mm (20 inch) long, 100mm (4 inch) wide x 3.2mm (1/8) thick, flat Kevlar ® wick SHAFT: heavy duty aluminium tube, partial timber core, 20mm diameter, 1.6mm thick wall HANDLE: 300mm (12 inches) of ribbed, heat-resistant rubber MANUFACTURER: Fyregear

Includes instructions for use, fire safety guide and fuel information

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{Weight}: 0.715 kg

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