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CONTACT Fire Staff - 100mm (4 inch) Wicks - LIGHT

(Choose Length: 1400mm / 55 inches, Courier Post or Pick Up: Pick Up)

1400mm/55 inches (578g) OR

1500mm/59 inches (610g) OR

1600mm/63 inches (642g)

EXTRA WIDE 25mm (1/2 inch) aluminium tube. Developed in conjunction with Perth Fire Group contact staffers, this staff is what we believe to be the right weight, length, balance and grip that you would expect from a great Contact Fire Staff.

TECH DETAILS: Skill Level: Any Weight Grade: Light BURN TIME: about 3.5 minutes WICKS: each wick is made with a 500mm (20 inch) length of 100mm (4 inch) wide, 3.2mm thick, flat KevlarĀ® wick, secured with screws for easy wick replacement SHAFT: EXTRA WIDE 25mm (1/2 inch) diameter aluminium tube with a 1.6mm thick wall. HANDLE/GRIP: 700mm/28 inches of comfortable and durable sponge-rubber grip Manufacturer: Fyregear


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Choose Length 1400mm / 55 inches
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