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Kevlar Fire Wick - 10mm (3/8 inch) braided rope

Kevlar braided rope with fibreglass core. Super Absorbent. Great for making Monkey Fist Fire Poi, Fire Snake Poi and Fire Whips. Also makes a pretty cool Fire Skipping Rope.

This commercial grade, long life Kevlar Fire Wick is a blend of Kevlar (para-aramid) fibre and fibreglass. These fibres also allow the wick to withstand temperatures of 343 degrees Celsius (650 degrees Fahrenheit). This is as good as fire wick gets when balancing absorbency, strength and durability.

Our Kevlar wicks are all asbestos free and non-irritant. They also contain no metallic threads, making them ideal for fire eating and close contact fire tricks.

BEWARE OF IMITATION WICKS such as; COTTON: white and will fall apart after the first burn as cotton is not fire-proof. ASBESTOS: also white, they are fire-proof, HOWEVER, asbestos fibres are a known cause of asbestosis and lung cancer. Used on many fire toys made and sold in Thailand and other parts of Asia. METALLIC BLENDS: look the same Kevlar but contain metal thread. This thread when heated becomes brittle, resulting in sharp metal particles in the wick which break off on contact. This is particularly a problem if you are fire eating or when your skin comes in contact with the hot metal.

TECH DETAILS: Size: 10mm (3/8 inch) diameter. Design: round rope, braided Kevlar outer layer with fibreglass core. Heat Resistance: withstands temperatures of 343 degrees Celsius (650 degrees Fahrenheit) Weight: 150g per metre Burn Time: about 2 minutes.

AU$8.00 / metre(s)
{Weight}: 0.15 kg

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