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Kevlar Fire Wick - 100mm wide, 3.2mm thick

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This industrial grade, long-life Kevlar Fire Wick is a blend of Kevlar (para-aramid fibre) and fibreglass. This is as good as fire wick gets with an optimal balance of absorbency, strength and durability. Our Kevlar wicks are safe and suitable for fire eating and close contact fire performance.

DIY TIP: 1m will make a pair of our standard rolled wicks for poi and staff (50cm on each wick) they have a 3.5 minute burn time. For a longer (approx. 5 minute) burntime use 75cm on each wick.

NOTE: Beware of cheap and dangerous imitations such as: COTTON: white and will fall apart after the first burn. ASBESTOS: white, fire-proof and deadly. Causes lung disease. Often made in Thailand and other parts of Asia. METALLIC BLENDS: they often look the same as safe Kevlar blends, however, they contain metal thread to give them strength which, when heated, becomes brittle resulting in sharp metal particles which break off when you are fire eating or when your skin comes in contact with it.

TECH DETAILS: Dimensions: 10cm/100mm/4 inches wide, 3.2mm (1/8 inch) thick, flat Kevlar ® wick Materials: Kevlar ® (para-aramid) fibre and fibreglass blend Heat resistance: to 343 degrees Celsius (650 degrees Fahrenheit) Safety: Free of asbestos, cotton and metallic threads

Includes instructions for use, fire safety and fuel information

AU$23.00 / metre(s)
{Weight}: 0.11 kg

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