Kevlar Fire Wick

Kevlar Fire Wick

Kevlar Fire Wick

Kevlar Flatwicks, Kevlar Ropewicks and Kevlar Sewing Thread. These fire wicks are durable Kevlar ® organic (para-aramid) fibre with a blend of non-irritant clothing grade fiberglass yarn. It is also lightweight, and has good flexibility, drapability and is non-stretch. This is as good as it gets when balancing absorbency, strength, durability, fire rating, safety and user comfort. These high quality wicks are used by many respectable fire prop manufacturers throughout the world. Unlike some cheap and nasty wicks on the market, these wicks do not contain any asbestos (often used in fire proofing), which is known for causing cancer when inhaled. Neither does it contain any sharp or skin burning metallic thread. It is supplied by Home of Poi in New Zealand. If you have any questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions page or just ask.

AUSTRALIAN DELIVERIES: can be ordered on the website. INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES: please email your orders for a postage quote.

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Safe and suitable for fire eating and close contact fire performance. DIY TIP: 1 metre makes 2 wicks for a pair of fire poi or a staff.

$16.00 / m
Delivery weight: 0.053 kg

Suitable for fire eating and body contact. 1 metre makes 2 standard rolled wicks.

$25.00 / m
Delivery weight: 95 g

Safe and suitable for fire eating and body contact fire performance. This is as good as fire wick gets.

$28.00 / m
Delivery weight: 0.11 kg


We use this to make all the wicks on our Fire Eating Sticks, Fire Fingers, Fire Pastie Tassels and Fire Orbs. No tools needed!

$2.00 / m
Delivery weight: 5 g

No tools needed, just use PVA glue to keep it in place.

$300.00 / Roll(s)
Delivery weight: 1.5 kg

Braided Kevlar outer layer with fibreglass core. Super Absorbent. Great for making Snake Fire Poi and Fire Whips.

$29.00 / m
Delivery weight: 0.24 kg


Perfect for building your own fire performance equipment, repairing your old fire wicks or any other task that requires a seriously tough thread.

$9.00 / Roll(s)
Delivery weight: 8.5 g