Fire Palm Torch / Candle

Fire Palm Torch / Candle

$20.00 / unit(s)
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Fire Palms give the mesmerising illusion of fire floating in the palm of your hand. These wicks are also great for fire eating and can be made to your preferred size & shape. The stem length is adjustable and can be set to any distance from your hand.

These are a versatile and easy to use piece of equipment suitable to all levels of performers. They can be worn with the fire in the palm or at the back of the hand. Perfect for styles of dance where you want to accentuate the movement of the hands. Fire Palm Torches are also great for opening a fire show and make a great source of ignition for other fire equipment. 

TECH DETAILS: Wick: Made with 2.5 metres of 3mm (1/8 inch) wide Kevlar ropewick. The wick is 20mm wide and 45mm high. Burntime: approx. 3.5 minute. Stem: Zinc-plated threaded rod. 4mm thick. 165mm high. Base: 29mm diameter stainless steel washers. Zinc-plated steel nuts. Chrome-plated steel dome-nut. Weight: 3g each