ROPE SNAKE 25mm (1 inch) Fire Poi Heads

ROPE SNAKE 25mm (1 inch) Fire Poi Heads

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Level: Intermediate and Advanced. Weight grade: Medium

Snake Fire Poi give a completely different (and massive!) flame effect without the extra weight that usually comes with large flames.

Snake Fire Poi heads have around the same weight and feel as standard Rolled Head Tube-Core Fire Poi. They are spun just like any other poi but they produce a completely different flame effect. Rather than a single long trail of flame, Snake Poi produce a much wider and shorter flame trail and, if you're using kero, when spun fast the flames change from yellow to a beautiful shade of blue. This all makes for great fire photos and adds variety to a Fire Poi spinning performance.

We rate Snake Fire Poi as intermediate to advanced because they are a little more dangerous than standard Fire Poi. This is because when lit, they produce a massive flame. Once the entire heads are on fire the poi must be kept moving. If you stop and hold the poi vertically you will burn your hands as the top of the wick and your hands are in close proximity.

TECH DETAILS: Heads: Long heads, 52cm (1.7ft) long, made from 25mm (1 inch) dia. braided Kevlar ® rope. Joiners: Heavy duty, stainless steel split rings. Total Weight: 250g set. Burn Time: 2 minutes.

Includes instructions for use and a Fire Safety and Fuel Guide.